Textile Enzymes

What Is Textile Enzyme?

Applications of Enzymes in the textile are eco- friendly alternatives to chemicals in the textile and fiber processing industries. Being a protein catalyst which is produced by living cells, it speeds up specific chemical reactions. As compared to other conventional chemicals, enzymes in the textile are not hazardous to the environment.

As enzymes are quite particular in their performance on a specific substance, even a small quantity is able to decompose a big quantity of the substance. We aim to provide the best quality textile enzyme that makes us the trusted Textile Enzymes Suppliers in India.

Features Of Enzymes in Textile

  • Easily soluble in water.
  • Enhances texture, softness, and appearance of the fabric.
  • Makes no damage to the strength of the fabric.
  • A Wide variety of application processes.
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable product.

Uses of Textile Enzymes in the Textile Industry 

Textiles Enzymes is one of the most fast-growing domains in industrial enzymology. These types of substances are used in the procedures of desizing by treatment with other chemicals to remove the starch, bleach textiles, and decay lignin. If you’re searching for the best Textile Enzymes in Gurgaon, then your search ends right here.

Eco- Friendly Alternative

As it is an eco- friendly alternative to chemicals in textile and fiber managing methods, the demand has been rising rapidly. A wide range of products is being manufactured in our manufacturing plant that is fully equipped with the modern computer-aided system to ensure premium quality products.We understand the importance of and need for quality substances, which is why we are listed among the top-rated Textile Enzymes Manufacturers in Gurgaon.


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