Silicone Softener

Definition Of A Silicon Softener

Silicone Softening agent is a mixture of organic polysiloxane and polymer,suitable for soft finishing of natural fibers like cotton, silk, hemp, wool and human hair. As Silicon softener is a linear block silicone copolymer, it has entities of polyether functional groups and other traditional chemicals. Silicone softening finishing improve the strength of a fiber and reduce abrasion significantly. Our Silica Softener for Textiles provides a hydrophilic, silk, voluminous hand to all types of fabrics, though it is ideal for natural fiber. Our best Silica softener is a promising fabric softener, which improves product quality and enhances value in textile dyeing and finishing. Do try our product and you’ll be amazed by the performance. 

Silicone Softener features

  • Easily soluble in water & very stable with good compatibility.
  • Make your fabric feel soft & smooth. IT helps in maintaining puffiness.
  • Extremely hygroscopic with good permeability.
  • Perfectly absorb moisture.
  • Good resilience with wrinkle resistance
  • Does not get yellow in high temperature

Secure Packaging

Not only do we provide high-quality products, but we also offer secure packaging to our valued clients. As we utilize top-notch quality and authentic raw materials along with advanced skills, it labels us as the best Silicone Softener Manufacturers in Gurgaon. So, you can trust the quality of our product. 

Excellent Stability & Resistance

If you’re worried about the solidity and resistance features, then you have nothing to worry as our product provides excellent stability and resistance against high temperature, PH, high-shear, and salt as well. We ensure to provide you the best quality chemical as the most-experienced Silicone Softening Agent Suppliers in India .


Dosage 2-3% WOB
Specific Gravity 0.95~1
Packaging Type HMDPE
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