Garment Washing Chemical

The garments washing chemical is a silicon softener that imparts silicon smoothness and a limply feel to your cotton and hosiery garments. We provide the finest Garment Washing Chemicals in Gurgaon which is rich in bio polishing enzyme and bio fading enzyme good for all your cotton garments.

Product Application

Garments washing chemical is a lubricating agent which can be used for making the types of denim, cotton and hosiery garments softer and shinier. We are the trusted Garment Washing Chemical Manufacturers in Gurgaon as we provide the best quality product to our customers. The presence of an APEO free powerful wetting agent for cotton garment and hosiery makes our product more reliable.

Quantity of Product Order

The minimum quantity that can be ordered for this product is 2kg. We stand among the splendid Garment Wash Chemicals Suppliers in India as we offer products that are totally non-ionic in nature. We do not deliver more than 5kg of the product per order.


Packaging Size 50 kg
Form Liquid,Powder
Buy Quality Chemicals with Accurate Composition & Effectiveness