Denim Washing Chemical

Washing Chemicals for Denim  are made up of Cellulose compounds that can be used for washing denim and cotton clothes. Our product is one of the best Denim Washing Chemicals in Gurgaon. It can be used individually or with pumice and other materials. This off-white granule is made up of a neutral cellulase enzyme having anti-re-dyeing properties.

Application of the product

Our these Chemicals neutralizes and bleaches after use while its pH is 10, the temperature is 60-75 °C and time is 5 minutes. We are the top-class Denim Washing Chemical Manufacturers in Gurgaon who assure you that our product is 99% pure in its composition. 

Minimum order

The minimum order that can be placed per person cannot exceed 100kg of the product. As the major Denim Wash Chemicals Suppliers in India, we make it possible for the product to reach our customers within 3-5 working days. The product is packaged with safe, secure and tight packaging for smooth delivery. 


Packaging Type HPDE
Pack Size 50 KG
Packaging Size 50 KG
Pack Type HMDPE


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