Cationic Softener

What is Cationic Softener?

Cationic softeners are softening agents, used in the finishing process of fabric. It is extensively used in softening of cellulose materials. This product is composed of the best grade chemical materials with easily soluble properties in hot & cold water. It offers softness & silkiness to the fabric.

This is a highly effective material rather than an organic compound of polysiloxane and polymer formulated and manufactured to be used in the Textile Industry mainly. It provides a soft finish to natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and hemp. We are the most-experienced Cationic Softener Manufacturers in Gurgaon with the best quality to provide.

Feature Of Cationic-Softener Flakes

  • Cationic in nature
  • Produce Great affinity with cellulose fibers
  • Easily Dispersible in hot and cold water
  • Produce extra soft feel
  • Improvised lubricity of yarn
  • Minimize the loss in physical characteristics
  • Quite Superior for loose fibers
  • Easily Dispersible in hot water. pH- 3 to 5

Meets Customers’ Needs

Such Softeners are used in the textile industry on a major scale for dyeing, finishing purposes. Using a cationic softening for textiles gives a soft, soapy finish to the fiber once it is made. We promise to meet all the demands of our customers as the well-known Cationic Softener Flakes Suppliers in India.

Best Quality Products

Since Cationic Softening agent is a crucial part of the textile industry, we provide the best quality of it and the minimum order quantity is 200 kilograms. We take pride in offering the Reactive Softeners that are processed under several controlled atmospheric conditions. These softeners are extensively used by various textile industries for providing a smooth, creased, and fluffy finish to different fabrics. To order the best quality of Cationic-Softener Flakes, reach out to us and we assure you to cater to your needs in the best possible way.


Packaging Size 25 KG
Application Pretreatment Process,Textile Processing,Printing Process,Finishing Process,Dyeing Process
Form Flakes
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