Denim Washing Chemical in Punjab

Denim washing chemicals are used in washing denim in various ways. It is widely used in the textile industry for washing jeans. Most of the denim these days have textile auxiliary agents which help in washing. We provide our genuine products with varied clients since we top as the best denim washing chemical exporters in Punjab.

Uses of Denim washing chemicals

Denim washing chemicals are mainly used in removing starch waxes and fats from various types of denim and fabrics. It gives the garments a shining look that attracts visitors. We are a famous denim wash chemicals suppliers in Punjab and provide original and quality products. 

What makes our clients come to us 

The true desire and constant efforts to improve our products are what attract our clients towards us. We ensure that we always meet the expectation of our customers. This is why we are considered as the best Denim Washing Chemical Manufacturers in Punjab and have a huge presence in Punjab as well.


Packaging Type HPDE
Pack Size 50 KG
Packaging Size 50 KG
Pack Type HMDPE


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