Dye Fixer in Ballari

Die Fixer is a chemical used in dyeing the natural fiber. It makes the dye become part of the fabric. We are a well-known Dye Fixer for Fabric Suppliers in Ballari that provides high-quality products. We offer a wide range of dye-fixers to our clients that is used to for hard-dyeing the fabric with a promise to never-fading color on clothes.

Uses of Dye Fixer

Dye fixers are commonly used for overall fastness and coloring the fabric. It improves the fastness of the dye against the light and water. We provide authentic Dye fixers to our clients all over India since we are the well-reputed Dye Fixer Manufacturers in Ballari who deliver products in Ballari too for those who are looking for a reliable supplier of Dye fixers in Ballari.

We work for customer satisfaction 

Our foremost goal is to fulfill our customers’ needs so that they get the best of the quality. With years of presence in the industry, we continue to provide great service and satisfaction to our customers. This is why we are known as the reputed dye fixer exporters in Ballari.


Packaging Size 50 Kg
Packaging Type HMDPE
Purity (%) 98
Min. Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Buy Quality Chemicals with Accurate Composition & Effectiveness
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