Soaping Agent in Amritsar

Soaping agent is used as anti-staining and cleaning agents for cellulose fibers. We are among the best Soaping Agent Manufacturers in Amritsar and present in Amritsar also. We cater to the huge demands of our clients with varied offerings and soaping agents on attractive prices. It is used in soaping and cleaning of fabrics and yarns.

Uses of Soaping agents

Uses of soaping agents on dyed fabrics improve the fastness of the color. This method of cleaning with soaping agents has made the cleaning process much easier and effective. We are among the top Soaping Agent exporters in Amritsar who offer reliable products to the clients. It is widely used in the textile industry and essential agents in cleaning the fabric with modern techniques.

Other ways of using soaping agents

Soaping agents that are commonly used in cleaning carboxylate, sulfate, and phosphate. It is also used for efficiently removing the dye from the garments. We render our products to such industry and known as the best soaping agent suppliers in Amritsar.

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